Breaking My Silence

My last blog series took more out of me than I had anticipated, but I’m feeling refreshed  and ready to break my silence.

My life has taken an exciting step forward, as I decided to begin my graduate program this September (instead of in January as I had previously planned). I started attending The Master’s Institute in St. Paul to obtain my Master’s in Divinity. This means that I am currently finishing my undergrad program while simultaneously starting my first semester at seminary.

Intense is a fitting word.

I feel enormously blessed as well though. I ask God which direction to turn and my obedient listening to Him continues to lead me to amazing destinations. I opted for a graduate school that has a covering far outreaching leadership skills and theological education. This means I’m up for more challenges–in time, finances and personal refinement. To say that it’s worth it, is a drastic understatement. I am surrounded by people who are dedicated to each other. People who understand what Kingdom loving and living looks like and has the perseverance needed to impart this to others who desire the same. The careful investigation of curriculum, instructors, and personal character formation is such a rare and precious find.

My small endorsement, if you will.

I’m happy to be in front of my computer. I’m excited to have seeds of love to spread through my blog again. I’m following God’s prompting to get back to the keyboard and trust the place we are going is good!

Grace and Peace




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