Say Hello To My New Husband …

Tomorrow marks my two week anniversary.  I feel blessed beyond words to have found such an amazing man to marry.  The last two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind with Brad moving in, a wedding party, and adjustments to our new married life.  I thought coming down with a terrible cold, that kept me in bed over the last two days, would be a nice addition to the chaos – so there was that too 🙂

I haven’t blogged much about the trials Brad and I have went through to get where we are today.  There have been endless questions, concerns, and judgments about our relationship.  At times we adhered to suggestions about how to handle our relationship despite feeling the opposite.  All of these hardships have been nothing compared to the love we now get to share.  I am experiencing being loved in a Christ-like way like I never have before.  Together we are moving forward with hope in our hearts about what God has in store for our lives as one … and I am excited to see what unfolds.

Here is a video that captures our day beautifully.  My friend Krista Reynolds did the video, she has an amazing talent.  I am so grateful for all she did with our wedding photos and video.


4 thoughts on “Say Hello To My New Husband …

  1. Congratulations, Stephanie. What beautiful vows you made! It’s good to see how happy you are. And what an amazing video of your special day!


  2. I’ve wondered about marriage myself and whether that is my vocation or not. I’ve also wondered if becoming a priest is my vocation.

    It is something I do wonder as to where I see myself. I want to serve others and be a service to those who are broken.

    My problem is that the only woman I think I would ever love in such a way to want to marry is a widow 14 years my senior whom I have only chatted with online.

    But I know our paths will cross someday and I keep hoping they will. I just don’t think she feels the same.


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