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This will be my new blogging home. I will be posting My Widow Rants here, but I wanted a new avenue for the other topics tugging at my heart.  I struggled a bit with how that new avenue for writing was going to look, but this space is where I’ve decided to reside.

The title? Striving After The Wind – You can find the blog at strivingafterthewind.com (Don’t forget to subscribe!)

The wordpress.com address is www.thistooisvanity.wordpress.com

Ha, I love it. Ecclesiastes continues to speak to me in this time of testing, and growth. The way King Solomon crushes our dreams of understanding the world around us brings a smile to my face each time I read through it. I can feel his angst, his anger, and his frustration. I know his resignation, his dismissal, and disregard. So to open up this space I share a poem I wrote in regards to my favorite book of the Bible . . . I think it’s title is:

‘Ecclesiastes: Take One’

Word: EcclesiastesMeaningless, meaningless, it’s all meaningless.
Vapor and vexation.
It’s pointless, it’s useless, it’s smoke.

Israel your king declares it. He claims to know.
The Money. The Power. The Women. The Wealth.
It has been done before, and it will be again.
As if he is lying you continue to chase it.
Good people you aren’t listening to your king.
So hear it again.

Meaningless, meaningless, it’s ALL meaningless.
Vapor and vexation.
It’s pointless, it’s useless, it’s smoke.

Don’t turn to me for joy, for light, for kindness.
Simply eat. Simply drink. Simple live. Then die.
You do not understand. You will not understand.
Rich or poor, wise or dumb, it’s all the same.
The same fate for you as me; no good, no bad.
No judgment today.

It’s meaningless.
It’s pointless.
It’s useless.
It’s vapor.
It’s smoke.

Photo by Jim LePage

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