New Creation Church Video


This is a human video I directed/constructed for our Sunday Celebration service yesterday.  It was the last week in our sermon series A New Creation.  I feel so blessed that God is giving me an outlet to be creative for his glory, and I’m thankful to have a church willing to give me the opportunity.  I think the skit turned out to be a unique and fun worship experience.  My hope was that it reflected JOY.  The kind of joy experienced when we are brought to those moments when the Holy Spirit renews and restores our own selves into a new creation.

I have to say the part that touches me the most, watching it now, is the innocence shown by the girl who played the Holy Spirit.  I love how this idea God lead me to ended up playing out.  That the Spirit is portrayed by a small, graceful, and innocent girl.  A Spirit who is reaching for us in our needs; guiding us out of our darkness; leading us to His light; making us a new creation … and when the need arises sending out her henchmen to take down the bad guys.

Everyone I worked with in the skit made it an inspiring experience for me, and I hope others.  The video quality and sound aren’t the perfect, but I my hope in sharing is my readers can enjoy it as well.  And yes – that is me, with a less impressive, scripture reading at the very end 🙂

3 thoughts on “New Creation Church Video

  1. and the last words – as God accurately produces his character in you – it was inspiring Stephanie. That’s a lot of people to direct – and it all came together – and it was inspiring. I was blessed. Well done! And this new place of yours – I know you can’t put a one-year limited on the change and the growth from your suffering – I admire that you are outwardly changing directions – I’m glad you were able to work through this year writing – as I said in my tweet – you are one of God’s treasures – and there simply are no words – because no words will do – but I have prayed – just finished praying just now – God bless you Stephanie – God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.


    • Thank you Craig, and thank you for the uplifting message on Twitter as well. It’s amazing the emotions that hit when you are least expecting them too. Having to hold on to see what will be coming around the corner seems to be the hardest part for me, but the encouragement is so very much appreciated! Grace and Peace 🙂


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