Let’s Start A Revolution!

A new sermon series to start a new year! It is time for a revolution. Time to leave our old – and often quickly forgotten – resolutions behind. It is time to begin a revolution in our marriages, with our children, in regards to our health, and most importantly a new revolution within the body of Christ; the church.

The sermon today centered around the story of Zaccheaus, the tax collector (Luke 19:1-9). Zaccheaus is a living example of what a revolution means in regards to our faith. His encounter with Christ radically and dramatically changed every aspect of his life. And it didn’t change it starting at the beginning of the year, or at the beginning of the week, or even the next morning — Zaccheaus was changed immediately. His repentance was a complete turning and moving away from his sin. This salvation story shows us just how amazing a Christ encounter looks like in the lives of people. This Christ encounter is available to anyone, anytime, and in many ways. Often, though, the encounter needs a catalyst. And as the body of Christ we are called to be that catalyst. To shine the light of our own Christ encounter, and help others find a way to theirs.

So how do begin a revolution? We set goals – personal goals, marital goals, goals as a church. We find out where we are going. Be intentional and thoughtful about your destination; don’t leave the outcome vague or undefined. Zaccheaus knew where he was going; he was going to see Jesus. Know what objectives you will need to overcome to get there. Find a plan of action to overcome the objectives and reach your goal. And then, of course, put it into action.

A new year means a new start. Things feel fresh, as if those barriers of fear and doubt have momentarily relaxed to give us a glimpse to the other side. Take advantage of the fire that burns when the year turns new. Set goals for yourself, and for your family. And most importantly set goals for furthering the Kingdom of Christ. As Christians, we don’t live apart from suffering, but we certianly live along side peace, knowing grace, and covered in love. It is time to share that peace, that grace, that love with those around us. It is time for a revolution.

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