Grace and Peace

If I could grant the readers of my words two gifts they would be grace and they would be peace.

I long for everyone to know the grace that God has gifted us. That gift we can’t earn, even if we try. And to feel the grace given to them by a loved one, or better yet … an enemy. I want the world to emanate this type of grace. To see it through our eye of intuition, flowing from one person to another. And how about even more? What if we were to bestow that grace onto ourselves? To forgive your past, to understand that who you were does not define who you are today. That what you’ve done before cannot hold you down. But if you allow yourself that grace? It just might just mold you into the person you were born to become.

And peace … the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. That peace that flows through the deepest parts of who we are and overflows onto those around us. Not just that type of peace though … also, the peace that we are searching for within our lives. The peace from anxiety. The peace from pain. The peace we long for in relationships and within our toils and our looks and finances and possessions and knowledge and shortcomings. That kind of peace. And what about the peace for the world around us. For peace with those worlds always at war. Peace for the poor, for the widowed, and the hungry. For those that are thirsty, lonely, diseased, and addicted. Peace for all of them.

So grace and peace. My simply blessing. My covering prayer. For my readers. For you.

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